Edmonton, Canada
Projection Mapping
Augmented Reality
AI Generated Visuals
Post Production
Lighting Design
3D Content
The steampunk immersive space was created as a lounge area for a corporate Christmas party. To make the room feel immersive we used augmented reality, projection mapping, AI generated content, post production, 3D window frames and light installations.

Powered by Madmapper and Madlights the central computer hub acted as both an aesthetic addition to the room and a control hub for the visuals. The visual elements in the room included two projection mapped walls, 8 programable LED pillars, an augmented reality airship, two plasma lamps and additional decor.

Skills used:

  • Projection mapping
  • 3D art development
  • AI generated visuals
  • 2D content editing
  • Programable LED lighting
  • Augmented reality (AR) development
  • Sound design