Sokaris is a full service creative company that will be with you from concept to execution.

Brand Identity
Product Development
Graphic Design
Experiential Marketing
Style Guides
Mechanical Design
Projection Mapping
Interactive Art Installations
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Photo Booths & Interactive Screens
Graphic and VFX
3D Modeling / Environments
Sound Design
Contemporary Art
Digital Art
Events & Showrooms
Set Design
Lighting Design

We are an interdisciplinary design team that uses state of the art technology to create memorable experiences. Our core expertise include visual design and content creation, interactive and immersive art installations, event and retail installations, and lighting design and projection mapping.

Our main offices are located in Edmonton, Canada and Shanghai, China where we work both locally and globally with clients to bring their dreams to reality.

Core team
  • Jericho Yang
    Founder / President
    Mr. Yang is the founder of Sokaris and lead concept artist. He has over 15 years of experience as a concept/visual artist and has worked with well known brands such as Chivas, Corona, Nike, Converse, Chanel, The NBA, Adidas, Victoria's Secret and more. Mr. Yang is responsible for the everyday running of Sokaris as well as leading the visual and concept design team.
  • Vasily Betin
    New Media Creative Director
    Mr. Betin holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University and Masters of Arts Degree from Chongqing University. He has been part of dozens of new media events over the last 10 years and has been featured in many publications. Mr. Betin leads the creative team on new media projects at Sokaris with a focus on visual performance, interactive systems and installations, light installations and space design/responsible environments.
  • Adon Lee
    Director | Sokaris Inc. Canada
    Mr. Lee studied Asia Pacific Management at Grant MacEwan University in Canada. He has held senior positions at various companies over the last 18 years including Vice-President of English Computerized Learning Inc. and President of SocialArena Games Inc. Mr. Lee brings his knowledge of running international businesses to Sokaris with focus on branding, business expansion, client communication and human resources.
  • Ruopu (Rob) Song
    Project Management Director
    Mr. Song holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Denver in the USA. He has been involved in numerous art exhibitions with famous American contemporary artists such as Lawrence Argent and Deborah Howard. Mr. Song works with Sokaris to promote both local Chinese and American art and develop business relationships with clients.
  • Ken Chen
    Business Development
    Mr. Chen has more than 15 years experience in project management with brands and companies such as Tourism Australia, Fitbit, Hong Kong Express, Ctrip, NetEase, Sina and more. Mr. Chen leads the business development team at Sokaris with focus on public relations, advertising, finance and jurisdictional knowledge.
  • David (Kam) Kaminski
    Creative Production (Canada)
    Mr. Kaminski is a spatial design artist and certified event manager from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He has worked alongside multiple design groups and event management companies assisting with creative direction, experiential marketing strategies and logistical planning. Mr. Kaminski roles with Sokaris include conceptual design, marketing and client management.