Shanghai, China

Klimt Experience

Client: Crossmedia Group
Art Shows & Museums
We absolutely love Gustav Klimt so it was a pleasure and joy to work on this project. For this event we created an interactive digital art wall and a selfie 'fashion' station.

Interactive Wall

Crossmedia Group

Event Overview
The Klimt Experience is a digital exhibition of Gustav Klimt's artwork. Through different forms of digital media visitors are able to immerse themselves into an interactive world to better understand and connect to the artist's work.
  • Design an interactive wall where visitors can color in an outline of Klimt's famous artwork then project it onto the wall. Once on the wall visitors can touch their artwork to interact with it
  • Design and fabricate a selfie mirror where visitors can try on Klimt style digital fashion then save and share pictures of them wearing it.

Technology & Solutions
  • Projection mapping
  • TouchDesigner
  • Computer vision
  • Tracking systems
  • Kinect
  • Social integration
  • Generative graphics

Selfie Station
Event Photos