Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton Metropolitan Region
Interactive Projections
AI Generated Visuals
Projection Art
The interactive entrance to forward/slash 2022 incorporated a split screen showcasing current industry images on one half, and AI generated future concepts on the other. As guests walked through the entrance the digital slashes on the projections illuminated with their movement, adding a visually stunning effect.

Imagine Forward - Interactive projection entrance

Imagine Forward was an interactive projection installation created for forward/slash 2022 that highlighted key industries in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, then imagined what the future could look like for them moving forward. On the imagine side, future concepts were visualized through AI generated visuals, giving us a look at what the future of those industries might look like. Imagine Forward used depth cameras to allow guests to interact with the imagined visuals, lighting up the content as they passed by.

Skills used:

  • Interactive projections
  • Projection mapping
  • AI generated visuals