Edmonton, Canada
Programmable LED Lights
Punched Metal Facade
City Centre Mall
Architectural Lighting
Indigenous Art
This project was designed by Sokaris for Edmonton City Centre Mall with contributions from the Downtown Vibrancy Fund. The goal of the lighting installation was to beautify the parkade while giving a feeling of inclusivity through the punched design. We worked closely with Jonathan 'JCat' Cardinal and Nathan Panousis to create a welcoming and inspiring design that highlights the Edmonton and Alberta landscape.

The images within the panels represent the dynamic cultural landscape of Alberta. The floral designs depicted are inspired by traditional Indigenous beadwork and are meant to symbolize the natural landscape of Alberta. The way the flowers flow within the design mirrors the way that Alberta’s natural beauty permeates (as light does) our day to day interactions, which serves as a foundation for connection. The mirrored suns represent the dawn of inclusivity, where-in by recognizing the pains and traumas of the past, we as a society can move forward hand in hand with respect and reverence.

Skills used:

  • Programmable LED lighting
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Custom artwork