Zoo Theory | Interactive Media Show
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Jericho Yang
Sokaris Studio | Founder
Mr. Yang is the founder of Sokaris and lead concept artist. He has over 10 years of experience as a concept/visual artist and has worked with well known brands such as Chivas, Corona, Nike, Converse, Chanel, The NBA, Adidas, Victoria's Secret and more. Mr. Yang is responsible for the everyday running of Sokaris as well as leading the visual and concept design team.
Vasily Betin
Sokaris Studio | New Media Creative Director
Vasily has been part of dozens of new media events over the last 8 years and has been featured in many publications. Mr. Betin leads the creative team on new media projects at Sokaris with a focus on visual performance, interactive systems and installations, light installations and space design/responsible environments.
Adon Lee
Sokaris Inc. (Canada) | Director
Adon has held senior positions at various companies over the last 12 years including Vice-President of English Computerized Learning Inc. and President of SocialArena Games Inc. Mr. Lee brings his knowledge of running international businesses to Sokaris with focus on branding, business expansion, client communication and human resources.
Gaze into the future. Witness the evolution and what we have always been destined to become.
Let the sound move you into a new dimension. Let go of your surroundings and evolve into a new being.
Art like no one is watching. Embrace the new beginning and accept it into your core.